Whitsundays Fly Fishing

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Whitsundays Fishing

There is something incredibly peaceful about standing in crystal clear water, with a warm sea breeze cooling your back with a fishing rod in your hand. The water becomes mesmerising as you watch carefully for movement and shadows beneath the surface. Fish and sting rays make their way past and you cast your fly to see if they will strike.

Spectacular scenery and amazing fish

After spending many years exploring the waters of North Queensland and enjoying the fabulous Whitsundays, I have been caught with the fly fishing bug.

I have always enjoyed fishing since I was a child. Exploring the waters around Magnetic Island with my dad and uncle. It is the fun of being out on the water and in the fresh air, peaceful and calm. Watching as my uncle would choose the lucky spot and pick the right bait and then patiently waiting to see if we will be lucky enough to catch a prized fish.

Spectacular scenery and amazing fish

I was fortunate to have long time Whitsundays local KC from local seafood institution Fish Devine show me Whithaven Beach through the eyes of a fly fisherman. The result is that I am infected with the urge to learn all there is to learn about this sport. Fly fishing, by all accounts, is a little bit quirky. It can take years just to get the technique right.

You need to perfect the right hold on the rod. Then you must master the right swift, yet calm action, forwards and backwards. Keeping the fly airborne with the right tension is necessary so that once you cast your aim is true and straight. It is not about force or strength, it is all in the technique. That is what makes it a good challenge.

For now it is about perfecting the technique (which may take years) but it seems like a rather good way to spend my time.

Pristine and abundant waters

The Whitsundays region of North Queensland is an incredibly beautiful and much loved destination. The waters are crystal clear and sparkle. With 72 islands in the Whitsundays group it can take a lifetime to explore. The beaches are diverse and private. The waters are abundant and thriving in life.

The Waters of the Whitsundays offer so many amazing fish habitats ranging from mangrove creeks offering up the incredible Mangrove Jack  the rocky bays and the beautiful tropical fringing reefs teeming with an abundance of life and the clear waters of Whitehaven Beach.

Fly Fishing Whitsundays

Fly Fishing

Most of us have seen the iconic images of Whitehaven Beach – one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. What not many people know is that the region around Whithaven offers some of the most breathtaking and exciting saltwater Fly Fishing on the globe.

The sand is what makes it so special. The sand truly is as white as white thanks to the silica it is made of.  It is so white, unlike most sand, it does not get hot under your feet as it reflects the suns heat back.

The beautiful sand creates the most clear blue water. This amazing clear water offers fly fishermen and women incredible visibility for spotting fish. Clear calm conditions allow for perfect placement of the fly and fingers crossed the Permit and Golden trevally will strike. Sounds easy right?

Mangrove roots

Hunting the Jack

Mangrove Jack are some of the most delicious fish you can find and they are also incredibly exciting to catch. The Jack tends to strike hard and fast and as their habitat is right in close to the mangroves, with many snares and mangrove roots, they are very hard to get into the boat without a fight. Their first instinct is to head straight back to cover and in doing so they snare and break your line before you even realise they have taken the bait. They make for a great day of fun fishing if you are lucky to find the right spot for them.

Grunter, Whiting, Mud Crab and Coral Trout

The rich tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef are abundant with species of fish. The tidal action around the islands of the Whitsundays creates incredibly rich habitats where all manner of fishing can be enjoyed. We planned our day around when the best fish would be biting where. Conditions were perfect. We sat in one spot for over an hour and caught over 15 Grunter, so many we were throwing many back. Later we moved to a great spot in the mangroves and managed to catch 14 mangrove jack in a session, again we threw many back as there was just too many to keep.


The Best Oyster bar in the world

When the hours of fishing leave you needing a change of pace there are some luxurious and wild foraging options available. Hidden in a quiet estuary behind Whitehaven Beach, where the rich tropical waters feed the natural oyster beds, is the best oyster bar in the world.

As the tide drops the oysters are exposed for easy harvesting.  Sitting in the tidal current, under the warm tropical sun, shucking fresh salty warm oysters and sipping chilled white wine,  is a luxurious delight indeed.

There is so much on offer in The Whitsundays region. It is truly a magic destination to unwind, relax and refresh.

Adagold Aviation partners with the very best operators to create unique experiences in The Whitsundays such as the Ultimate Fishing Experience that visits some of the best warm water fishing spots in Australia created with the help of our friends at Go Fish

We think it is always worth dreaming big. New itineraries coming soon or check in and we can custom an experience for you personally.


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