The ultimate luxury experience

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The ultimate luxury experience

Nothing quite prepares you for the exhilaration of take-off in a super powerful, private jet. The engine roars into life and the pilot accelerates for lift off. Climbing at over 300 kilometers an hour, we are soaring high above Brisbane before we catch our breath. 

The Learjet

There were big smiles of excitement all round – the Learjet is like a grown up roller coaster ride, she takes off, quickly gaining altitude. Once she hits optimum height she cruises along smoothly.

The Learjet is well known by name, I remember first becoming familiar with the Learjet from movies, the stuff that glamorous dreams are made of.  The Learjet was the first aircraft to start the trend of VIP private light and mid range jets. Manufacturer Bombardier continues to improve the design and functionality of this fabulous jet. She is sleek and well designed for luxurious comfort and privacy, with great sound insulation and super smooth performance. She can also go the distance, with a range of 4 500 klms, making her wonderful for mid range flying.

The club seating and cabin design make it easy for guests to move around and enjoy the entire aircraft, we swap seats and chat to different friends on board.

It is a very different flying experience to that which most of us enjoy on a normal day of travel. As one of our guests mentioned “you have spoiled commercial flights for me, for good”.

It is true, the experience of travelling by private jet is very different indeed.





Luxury experience for a great cause

For me, the joy in creating days such as these for guests and clients makes my job so fulfilling, particularly when you add in the philanthropic side of this one.

Our guests for this VIP luxury experience in Sydney were the lucky winners of our Private Jet and Super yacht prize, valued at over $40 000.

This luxury experience was created as a fundraiser for the Women’s Legal Service Queensland. This organisation is a front line service, offering support to families to break the cycle of domestic violence. A serious issue in our communities and one we support wholeheartedly, as the benefits are not just felt by the individuals helped directly, but by the community at large.

Michael Kennedy from Capital Focused was our lucky winner. Michael is  a great supporter, purchasing numerous tickets, both this year and last. It was a delight to be able to share this luxury experience day with Michael and his friends.

Dining experience at the Park Hyatt

Some days just offer so much promise of excitement and enjoyment to come, this was one such day.

The day began with a VIP transfer, thanks to Wayne from Luxury Transfers, who kindly donated his services. Our group was met by Wayne at the beautiful Calile Hotel, to begin their luxury experience.  We arrived at the private jet lounge at Brisbane Airport at 10.45 to board the waiting Learjet.

After enjoying a few happy pics on arrival and chatting to our pilots Anthony and Ben, it was time to climb on board and take our seats. We enjoy a chilled glass of champagne, as the jet taxied along for take-off. We were in the air by 11.10.

Another wonderful thing about travelling by private jet, no time is wasted.

We touched down in Sydney and stepped into the waiting limousine, destination the Park Hyatt, on magnificent Sydney Harbour, for lunch. The Park Hyatt is one of my favourite dining experiences in Sydney. The location is certainly world class with views across the iconic Sydney Harbour to the Sydney Opera House, the Park Hyatt is nestled in under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The dining is always exquisite at the Park Hyatt and offers a wonderful mix of contemporary Australian cuisine, with clean and well crafted flavours. Kangaroo, seafood and our best beef and lamb, as well as wonderful vegetarian options, are on offer. Dessert was pretty good as well.

Rather than picking individual meals we chose a selection from the menu to share. This works nicely for groups as everyone is keen to taste and experience as much as possible. It is a relaxed and interactive way to enjoy fine dining and far more experiential, I find, than keeping to your own plate.

Harbour stroll and cruise

Lunch was a slow and enjoyable affair, as expected, followed by a leisurely amble water side.  We spent some time taking in the harbour and watching the pretty pink clouds drift past the Opera House.

We still had more to enjoy, however,  as we embarked on a wonderful cruise on the fabulous Sydney Harbour.

Thanks to our friends at Ocean Alliance, we were picked up for a harbour cruise on board Super yacht Element to experience the sunset and enjoy the last night of Vivid Sydney. The storm that rolled through did not dampen any spirits and perhaps even enhanced the light show, as the clouds gave extra dimension to the light display.

This was an extra special touch and topped off an amazing day. As the sun slowly dipped we watched the skyline of Sydney come to life with the amazing interactive light display of Vivid.

There were smiles all round, as we made our way back to join the Learjet, for the late evening flight home.

As one last treat we enjoyed a fabulous lightning display. Nature put on a storm cell that we experienced from a safe distance high above the clouds, we were in the safe hands of our pilots as we watched on in awe.

Now, I suppose it could be argued that this was not the “ultimate” in luxurious days. I know we can all imagine other wonderful luxury experiences to enjoy…but it was certainly a pretty amazing day out and I think for Michael and his friends one to remember for a long, long time.

Opera House
Sushi plate

So many thank-yous for this fabulous day

Adagold Aviation have a few people still to thank for making this day a fabulous success.  Fontayne Selections for their beautiful Champagne Laurenti Rose, as the flight took off from Brisbane. Champagne Billecart Salmon for the return flight champagne. Ocean Alliance and Debbie and the crew from Chapman Yacht Management for an amazing sunset cruise, incredible prawns, oysters and sushi. Experiencing Vivid from the water was an absolute treat. Also a very special thank you to Anthony, Mike and the team at Avcair for your valuable support.

To all those wonderful people who supported the raffle, thank you. We wish you luck next time and I hope you enjoy this little taste of what our lucky winners were able to experience on the day.

To Michael and Claire, Josh and Kim, Xanthe and Andrew and Robin it was a pleasure to share the day with you.

There is immense gratitude from the team at Women’s Legal Service and all involved in the Dancing CEOs for your generous support.

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