Seppeltsfield Escape

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Seppeltsfield Escape

Winter is the perfect time for a winery escape, for vineyards and open fires and hearty meals cooked by food artisans and slowly sipping a good red wine, as toes are warmed.

An escape to the Barossa Valley is a wonderful winter weekend away.  

Frosty morning walks in the beautiful Barossa

Starting the day with the invigoration of a winter sunrise walk, as the sun slowly brightens the hills and warms your back, is simply delicious. Enjoy the clear, frosty morning air. As the sun slowly rises across dormant grapevines, your hands deep in pockets, with scarf wrapped close to keep ears warm and breath coming like smoke in the crisp air, life is so wonderful.

As tempting as it is to stay in your warm bed, life is so much much more fun when you throw your self out into the day and enjoy the first light of morning.

Walking the vineyard - Seppeltsfield

Historic Seppeltsfield

There is so much history at Seppeltsfield and a private tour around this historic site is such a fascinating and pleasurable experience. A highlight for me was the private tasting and tour with Nigel Thiele, the VIP Guest Manager at Seppeltsfield. The stories and knowledge shared by Nigel makes the experience so much more fulfilling, one weekend is simply not enough.

The gravity cellar tanks built in 1888 are an incredible thing to behold. The grape harvest is loaded in at the top open tanks and the wine making process begins. These open tanks use the natural lay of the land, with its gentle hill, to allow the wine to flow through a series of tanks at different stages of the filtering and fermentation process, in the production of the wine. The gravity cellar allows for gentle colour and tannin extraction creating unique and coveted wines.

Visiting the Centennial Cellar and enjoying a taste of my grandmothers birth year port and comparing it to my own birth year was another highlight. The Centennial Cellar is beautiful, so rustic and atmospheric with the wonderful oak barrels and the subtle lighting adding warmth and a sense of connection to the past. It is a truly beautiful experience.

The old cooperage and the Jam Factory

Explore the old cooperage with its piles of wood and metal, like rustic sculptures. Enjoy the evocative scent of the saw dust and smoke. The Seppeltsfield Cooperage is still a place of work, where barrels are made and where valuable skills are kept alive.

Visit the Jam Factory and enjoy mixing it with local craftsman and artisans and experience everything from millinery, ceramics, leather and wood work. You can even forge your own knife with the skilled local blacksmith.

As an artisan myself, in a not so past life, who spent 20 years making my way as a felt artists and designer, this place resonated. The Jam Factory is an awesome industry hub that shares the wonderful skills of artisans and craftsman in a real and deep way. No mass produced objects here – everything has soul, reason and connection. A must do experience.


Dining and tasting

The Barossa has so many special dining experiences, you will find you are spoilt for choice. Just be sure to indulge and enjoy.

Make sure you stop to enjoy a meal at Fino, it wont disappoint. Being right in the heart of Seppeltsfield,  in the courtyard off the tasting room ensures there is always a great energy at Fino.

It is also worth a visit across the way to Hentley Farm.

The beauty of staying close to Seppeltsfield is that you can enjoy so much without needing to drive. Walking across through the vines to Hentley Farm for dinner in the evening air just adds to the replenishing country experience.

A trip to the Barossa offers food lovers a chance to experience the pride, that is well placed, in the local produce of The Barossa.  With menus designed around the best harvest available and the creative Chefs are totally connected to their own kitchen gardens for inspiration. Expect food with a sense of place and connection, truly fresh and enjoyable and of course expertly paired with the best local wines.

Foodie heaven indeed.




Bed and Breakfast

The homeliness of staying in a great old style bed and breakfast is perfect for a weekend in the Barossa. We stayed adjacent to Seppeltsfield with the vineyards and winery at close hand at The Lodge Country House. Our host Colin was simply wonderful with the warm personality, that makes a bed and breakfast such a treat.

The lodge was part of the original family estate owned by the Seppelts family and again this adds to the experience with the voices of the past always present.

It allowed us to take in the full atmosphere and relaxed pleasure of being in such a lovely region with its focus on produce and authentic regional experiences. Waking up to a “Full English” Breakfast with tea in a pot and polished silver is rather civilised as is resting by the fire at the close of the day with a glass of local red, reclined in the plush sofas and tasting local cheese and cured meats.


 The perfect time to fly

Travel should allow us to go to places in our hearts and minds and transcend the everyday. Seppeltsfield has so much heart and depth, the history, the stories and the traditions that are being maintained and honoured, while forging new tomorrows. Every visitor will take their own memory or inspiration away that resonates personally with them and that makes it extra special.

Adagold Aviation offer amazing experiences flying guests to visit this great region for custom experiences. One amazing experience is the Great Southern Gastronomic Experience which takes guests to the Barossa amongst other destinations. Well worth a look for inspiration.

On the July 7th Seppeltsfield hosts Bonjour Barossa so its the perfect time to plan a quick getaway.

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