Laucala Island Garden of Eden

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The Garden of Eden

Situated in the sparkling waters of far North Eastern Fiji, the beautiful and remote Laucala Island is an incredible wild Garden of Eden, of untamed forest, of tropical flowers that leave a heavy scent on the warm humid breeze, of lush undergrowth and of beautiful ancient palm groves. The green is intense and the air is pure, filling your lungs in a way that makes you breathe deeply and calmly.

It is a true lush paradise and a foodies Garden of Eden.


There are many reasons why the beautiful private island of Laucala is recognised as one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world. It certainly is an incredible resort with fabulous – and I mean mind blowing fabulous villas, amazing bars and dining areas and wonderful pools to enjoy. The beautiful intimate villas have their own private out doors baths as well as individual pools and are surrounded by wild tropical walls of foliage and plants with views out to the shimmering turquoise sea.

The scent of orchids on the tropical, salt filled breeze elicits true sensory pleasure and ultimate relaxation.

The natural beauty is breathtaking.

To top it all off Laucala Island is also the most amazing foodie paradise set in an incredible Garden of Eden dripping with wild and bountiful produce, ripe and waiting to be plucked fresh and taken to the kitchen.



Exotic Kitchen Garden

Laucala has such extensive and exotic kitchen gardens covering acres of this lush tropical haven, that to be marooned here for ever would indeed be fortunate. The bounty includes all manner of fresh fruit and vegetables, grown naturally and organically, under the warm, tropical sun. You will find on your wanderings pineapples, papaya, vanilla bean, chilli, custard apple, orchids, micro herbs, coconut – Laucala island is after all an ancient coconut plantation, so many delicious sun ripened treats.

The kitchen uses everything imaginable, grown and reared with local integrity and sustainable and ethical farming practices. The meat and poultry, cheese, milk and of course the fresh fruit and vegetables used in the kitchen are reared on the island offering guests the most luxurious and delicious, authentic dining experience.

Most of us, in our busy lives, have little opportunity to taste food so fresh and picked at the optimum time to make the flavour, texture and scent so magnificent.


Under the Warm Tropical Sun

Laucala’s extensive and exotic kitchen garden, covering acres of this lush tropical haven are a wonder to behold. The bounty includes all manner of fresh fruit and vegetables, grown naturally and organically, under the warm tropical sun. The livestock produced is truly impressive replicating the self sufficiency of a bygone era.

My mind drifts back to a time when we truly enjoyed the spoils of our local harvest and were connected with the land we lived on and all it could sustain. Romantic notions I grant you, but wonderful to indulge.

The meat and poultry, cheese, milk and of course the fresh fruit and vegetables used in the kitchen are all reared on the island, offering guests the most luxurious and delicious, organic and authentic dining experience imaginable, grown and reared with local integrity and minimum wastage and certainly no plastic packaging.

Guests can enjoy a full tour experience and get up close and personal with the livestock and the gardens and enjoy the wonder of this Garden of Eden.


Orchids and Vanilla Beans

Exploring the acres of gardens, vanilla bean orchids growing happily up papaya and rows of pineapples fruiting in the sun, the aubergine and tomatoes and chilli and capsicum, you can get lost for hours.

There is an organic and truly wild approach to gardening here. Not surprising, I guess, considering how rich and clean the soil is and how perfect the conditions are for a true Garden of Eden. The air buzzes with the sounds of life, there is a sultry warmth with cool breezes from the ocean that make it an ideal growing environment.


Micro Herbs

There is also an amazing collection of green houses that keep the lettuce, micro herbs and tiny flowers happy. The hydroponic gardens and extensive greenhouses are a feat in themselves.

I came across Lucas, from the kitchen, who was carefully choosing the newly shooting micro herbs for the evening dinner looking content as he mindfully made his selection.

There is a love and purpose in all that is done at Laucala and that is what makes a visit such a pleasurable experience. Indeed you are certainly guaranteed the cleanest and freshest flavours from the sun ripened sweetness of the produce grown in this Garden of Eden and to be in the kitchen where this is your supermarket would be such an immense pleasure as a chef.


Divine Products, Natural Ingredients

The bounty harvested from this Garden of Eden is used to create the soaps and shampoos, candles and divinely scented creams for pampering guests, offered in all the bathrooms and the resort spa. The beautiful essential oils are used on cool refresher towels to greet guests when they venture in from the sunshine for a cool drink.

I love that everything is created with care and attention locally to minimise waste and to keep the pure integrity of products offered to guests to eat and to nourish and relax their bodies and mind.

To me that is totally indulgent luxury experience.

This is my second blog on my visit to Laucala so please if you enjoy this one take a look at my earlier blog Laucala Island.


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