Fish Tacos with Picco De Gallo

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Fish Tacos with Pico DeGallo

I love love love this fresh and punchy meal because it uses some of my very favourite ingredients – chilli, lime and garlic. It is so easy and healthy and packed with the flavours of summer. 


This is a super simple recipe and needs only a few ingredients.

Firm white fish (aim for one medium piece per person), 2 Red Onions, 4 or so fresh flavoursome tomatoes, a garlic bulb, 6 or 7 chillis, a big bunch of fresh coriander and a juicy lime or two. Some soft fresh taco wraps or flat breads or to be really healthy you can use the pita bread varieties.

Note for the twist options below you can use peaches or mangoes in place of tomatoes… to make this a super fresh explosion of taste.

Action Stations

Start with the fish – place it in a good size bowl or large plate and add in at least 6 cloves of finely chopped garlic and 5 or 6 chillis (medium heat). Smear the fish with the chilli and garlic and a little dash of olive oil.

Sit the bowl aside in the fridge to soak up all the goodness.


Chop up the tomatoes (make sure they are just perfect – not over ripe or under ripe but perfect and full of flavour and colour). I am lucky to have some home grown tomatoes -which are always full of flavour as they are sweetened by the sun.

Finely chop the red onions and several cloves of garlic. Fold through with the rough chopped coriander and add a sprinkle of salt to taste and a generous squeeze of lime to taste – it should be most of the juice of one lime as this really adds the kick of freshness.

Cover and stand in the fridge to keep cool.

Cook the fish slowly in a heavy fry pan…

… but first I like to get the heat up, add a little oil and place the fish in to get a little colour before I drop the heat and let it cook through slowly. There will be a big hit of chilli and garlic in the kitchen as the fish cooks. Personally I love this.

The aim is to have the fish falling apart, flaky but moist. It will cook through rather quickly, be careful not to over cook. I break it up in the pan so the flavour is spread evenly and then serve in a ceramic bowl adding a squeeze of lime to freshen.



Heat up the flat bread. Flat breads can be heated in several ways -either wrapped in foil in the oven for a few minutes or in the microwave or best of all on a grill pan where they can get a little toasty – the trick here is to put several on the grill at once and keep turning them to heat them all evenly and get a little colour on each.

Serve the warm bread with the bowl of tasty fish, the picco degallo and yogurt. Make them fresh at the table as you eat them.


A twist

Once you have enjoyed the deliciousness of the fish tacos with picco degallo it can be a bit of fun to change it up a bit. In summer, with the abundance of juicy and sweet peaches, a lovely peach salsa is one of my favourite ways to add a twist to this simple and light meal.

Being a Queenslander and loving mangoes as much as I do I love to create this meal with a mango salsa. Remember the critical thing when using fresh fruit is that you get them just right – over ripe just makes it mushy and too sickly sweet and under ripe they are lacking flavour. Mangoes and peaches should be just on the under side of ripe, still full of sweet scents but still firm rather than soft.

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