Caviar, Champagne and Private Jets

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Caviar, Champagne and Private Jets

Few foodie experiences inspire such a sense of luxury as the delicious combination of Caviar, fine French Champagne and private jets…. so it was with great delight that Adagold Aviation recently hosted a group of new friends, visiting luxury travel buyers from China, to enjoy this winning combination with us.

The finer points of tasting Caviar

Our incredible Caviar tasting was thanks to the wonderfully passionate Lisa Downs, Caviar Ambassador from Simon Johnson Caviar. Lisa certainly is an advocate for the finer points of Caviar tasting, sharing key tips for absolute enjoyment.

The amazing taste sensation, when you allow the caviar to rest on your hand long enough to melt into your skin and become the same temperature as your blood, was a revelation. The pleasurable caviar tasting can not and should not be rushed, the slow indulgence is essential. Particularly when you consider the time it takes for the Beluga Whale to reach the age of producing the delicacy.

Enjoy and savour the moment is exactly what we did.

Fontayne Selections

French native Julien Craeye, Fontayne Selections, who grew up in Troyes surrounded by and immersed in the rich wine heritage of the region, was on hand to share his knowledge and experience of the wonderful champagne from his home province.

Julien exclusively introduces Champagne from the 95 year old house of  Laurenti. The tasting of these fine and elegant Champagnes paired with the caviar was a wonderful experience. Julien has authentic knowledge to share from his homeland and is truly passionate about sharing the pleasures of Champagne.

This image was taken here.

Beautiful and Sleek Falcon 2000

The Falcon 2000 is a fabulous beast of a jet. She can hit a great cruising speed at altitude close to 480 knots per hour and can cover a range of 6000 kilometers. Her speed puts her in the faster category above some larger long range business jets. She seats up to 8 pax and has a good closed door lavatory which is a must on a most flights apart from short hops.

This Falcon has been in private hands and has been looked after lovingly, her interior is well kept and fresh. It is such a pleasure to travel on board this sleek and smooth jet.

Our guests were lucky to enjoy having photos taken and to enjoy getting a good look around.

Emily, Adagold Aviation’s charter logistics expert, was on hand to give first hand information and fun stories on the various aircraft. Chartering can be a complex process and professional management and advice makes all the difference to the overall experience, an expert such as Emily is invaluable.

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